Improving quality of life for the people with life-limiting illnesses.


Chaplain Volunteer & Spiritual Care

At Advance Hospice Care, our chaplain and spiritual care coordinators are available to assist patients and family members with the emotional and spiritual challenges that may arise as a result of illness or the death of a loved one. By creating a safe environment where concerns can be explored and feelings can be shared without judgment, our chaplain can help both patient and family make important decisions at the end of life. Spiritual care services may also help people achieve a sense of balance, reconnect with loved ones, heal old wounds, and diminish the fear, anxiety, and despair that often accompanies loss.

Chaplains & Spiritual Care Services May Provide:

  • Spiritual guidance, regardless of religious beliefs and practices
  • Acceptance and the ability to cope with a terminal illness or loss
  • Emotional support as one considers questions about the purpose of life, suffering, and the need for forgiveness
  • Prayers, rituals, and the observances of religious practices
  • A liaison to community clergy, assistance with funeral and memorial services, and support to family members during an extremely difficult time