Improving quality of life for the people with life-limiting illnesses.


Nursing Care

Advance Hospice Care nursing services include assessing the patient regularly, delivering care as needed, scheduling visits for nursing assistants, referring additional services and volunteers, making calls to insurance companies and physicians, and monitoring costs related to medications, supplies, and durable medical equipment. Our staff is trained in pain management and symptom control, and will use clear and concise communication skills to educate both the patient and their family about the patient’s current condition and the steps being taken by the interdisciplinary care team as a whole.

In addition, Advance Hospice Care nurses will teach patients and their families how to recognize important signs and symptoms of new conditions, such as diabetes, and help patients understand how to take medications and when contacting a physician is necessary. Our team may also utilize in-home telehealth services to provide nurses and doctors with important daily information about a patient’s condition; this can help keep patients healthy at home and reduce visits to the hospital.

Palliative Care Nursing

Palliative care nursing services will be given to patients with life-limiting illnesses, whether integrated into routine care or as part of a structured program.The structure of palliative care programs varies greatly based on the setting in which it is delivered; no matter the setting, though, palliative care usually involves a team similar to hospice care.