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Speech Therapy

Though speech therapy can be a difficult service to find for home-bound patients, Advance Hospice Care recognizes the importance of providing comprehensive home care services. Our speech therapists assist patients in restoring and developing skills that have been weakened or compromised due to strokes, dementia, and head injuries, and also address communication disorders, cognitive impairments, and swallowing deficits. Through a comprehensive speech therapy evaluation, we can determine the nature of the speech-related problem and how best to address the issue through individualized treatment; sometimes, what appears to be a “memory” problem may actually be a problem with processing auditory information or mentally organizing information so that it can be recalled at a later time. Our therapists teach techniques to process, organize, or recall information, such as recording information in a journal or color-coding information, so it’s easily accessible.

Speech Therapy Services

  • Articulation Deficits
  • Visual Perception Deficits
  • Developmental Language Skills
  • Swallowing/Chewing Disorders
  • Oral Muscle Strength
  • Written and Verbal Comprehension Skills

Speech-Related Issues May Result In:

  • A patient’s inability to get the attention of someone and effectively communicate what is needed – this can be as simple as getting a drink of water or as complex as getting emergency medical care. Sometimes a person may appear to be able to communicate effectively, but a closer examination reveals that the person really does not have the ability to request specific items or respond accurately to questions.
  • Increased difficulty communicating emotions in an appropriate manner. This can lead to arguments, inappropriate behavior, or physical threats. These problems can be communication-based or stress-related.
  • Difficulty managing personal, medical, and/or financial matters. This may cause problems with missed appointments. It can lead to missed medications or other medical treatments. It can also lead to unpaid bills and the threat of legal action.